Midnight Angel by Steve Parkins

People often ask us why we carry around so much gear and spend so much time preparing our show to be the best we can possibly make it.

The answer is always the same; we so love what we do!

From the rehearsal stage to performing a song live, nothing beats playing a song you dearly love, and one that connects with your audience.

The song might make you dance with exhilaration or make you cry (quite often in the case of superfan and queen bee Jody Tyler!).

Take Sara by Fleetwood Mac for example. Arguably the best song from the Tusk album, it has become a staple of our live set. It seems we can never play a show without it.

And to think of how Stevie Nicks apparently had to fight for the song’s survival, resorting to writing it with external musicians due to the surprising indifference shown by her Mac bandmates (read Lindsey Buckingham anyway!), according to producer Ken Caillat in his book GET TUSKED.

Was Sara romantically involved with Stevie, or is Sara really Stevie? What was the real story?
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Sara, and many other great songs form the soundtrack to our lives, and oh what a joy to bring them to you!

Stay tuned as we add more backstories to many of our favourite songs. In fact, we would love to see you at one of our shows so that you can play a part in our story.

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“Music is the soundtrack of our lives…”